ProGamerZ GREEK PES6 Patch 2016/17 - Patch Pes 6 Mới Nhất

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    ProGamerZ GREEK PES6 Patch 2016/17 - Patch Pes 6 Mới Nhất


    Full Greek SL 2016-17
    10 clubs from Greek Football League
    8 Cypriot Clubs
    More European Clubs
    Premier League, Liga BBVA, Serie A
    Combo League 8best (Bundesliga, Ligue1)
    New menu music
    Fixed adboards for Greek clubs (you need stadiumpacks)
    Updated balls and boots for season 2016-17
    Growth types fixed for most players (more real growth)
    Easy Installation

    Installation Guide
    You dont need older versions

    About Kitserver Files
    donwload all .rar files
    Extract each rar content type
    After extract each one and open Installer
    You have to set your PES6 main directory and click install.

    About dat Files
    GreekPatch 2016-17 v1.0_a (afs files + pes6.exe)
    GreekPatch 2016-17 v1.0_b (6 parts, sounds, chants, greek commentary)
    You have to extract and use the Installer. Set the PES6 main folder as destination.
    About 6 parts you can click extract to one of 6 parts.

    Installer of full version of PES 6 ProGamerZ Greek Patch 2016-17 as a separate independent game


    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

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