IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2018 PU1 Update (3/7)

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    IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2018 PU1 Update


    IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2018 PU1 Update | 582.0 mb

    As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, the IronCAD product team have officially release Product Update #1 for IronCAD DCS 2018 SP1 providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application.

    105709 51029 Cannot import this Inventor 2013 .iam file
    107787 56938 Printing Issue - Cut off Dimension Text
    108824 59834 Finding Part in Scene
    108892 59884 BOM, ICB Templates from Older Version - Add Item - does not function correctly
    109364 60743 Arc Length Constraint Solving Behavior
    109423 62425 IronCAD support document 197= - Issue 1 - Set Auto-associate back between disconnected item
    109434 61051 IronCAD support document 198 - Quantity Zero
    109452 61647 IronCAD support document 200= - Issue 2 - Drop add-stock on bends with bend stock length=3D0
    109677 61913 #1322:Confirmation message - External Linking Prompt
    109729 61986 Convert to Sheet Metal
    109815 62044 IronCAD support document 220 - Parametric expression bug (Loss) =3D ?= ??
    109833 62426 Sheet Metal, Hide the Bend Unfold Direction Arrow
    109837 62072 Parameter Table, Parameter and Expression Name mixup issue in v2018
    109837 62044 IronCAD support document 220 - Parametric expression bug (Loss) =3D ?= ??
    109845 62081 Edit Materials crashes IC v2018 (Swedish Regional Settings)
    109862 62106 Losing custom part info
    109897 62146 Export to ..Dwg casuses Unkknown Eception
    109901 62150 Issue for the arrow for Auxiliary view
    109914 62173 File Name Bug in IronCAD
    109934 62198 Auto Face Detection is slow for this part causing the Shrinkwrap to be slow
    109938 62251 IRONCAD 2018 - Typed Sizebox= Height Incorrect but Edit Sizebox Works Correctly
    109942 62208 Toolbars (floaty) and popup = menus' shadow includes non-scaled graphics on 4K monitors
    109975 62337 Below Primary Value & "After Primary Value" Strange Behavior - Backward and Spaced Po= orly
    109981 62356 Render Driver set to OpenGL2 by default
    109989 62379 #1724 The tilted Auxiliary V= iew is generated after changing the scale of the parent view
    109997 62405 Cannot delete the Auxiliary View arrow.
    110004 62409 Cannot Hide Parts in these Views
    110005 62410 Regression - cannot select parts or edge for Edit View Curves in a De= tail View.
    110016 62428 Could not save the dwg file into dwg again
    110020 62445 When I unfold a sheetmetal p= late and fold back, all flexible shapes (Belts) are suppressed.
    110021 62446 IronCAD closing when deleting a dropped part.
    110024 62447 This sheet metal part appears to unfold incorrectly.
    110027 62471 BOM in CAXA - Cannot Add Item Bubbles to Views with Export All Hidden Lines
    110028 62491 Can�t save EXB as DWG
    110029 62493 Iron Cad Deleting Information About parts in a scene
    110038 62559 Wrong info displayed used in= tools catalog using the hot formed steel catalog item.
    110045 62576 Ironcad crash when deleting sheet metal part
    110048 62662 ICAPI detection of element and feature type support DOC 232
    110053 62625 Can't launch KS7 from within IronCAD if it's installed for "just this user".
    110054 62661 ICAPI projects in VS 2015
    110058 62640 The ability to enable/ disable visibility of arrow for a sheet metal = in Scene 3D.
    110070 62651 Sheet metal unforlds imporperly
    110072 62655 2018 PU1 beta, Shrink Wrap - Selection Color
    110074 62657 The bends should always allow 0.01mm bend radius
    110079 62663 Sheet Metal Unfold Option To Remember Unsuppressed Items
    110082 62665 Sheet metal doesn't resize correctly when thickness changes
    110085 62689 Property Browser missing Bulk Creation and Front View settings for Sheet Metal parts.
    110088 62691 2018 PU1 Auto scale bulk creation bug
    110090 62694 Wrap Emboss Failure
    110098 62707 Sweep Ciurcular Profile New Command in 2018 PU1 Fails on 3D Curve Sha= pe
    110118 62730 Pattern moving when other part moves.
    110132 62758 Too many files in a Dir4
    110138 62761 Clicking Issues
    110151 62808 Can't see profile level parameters when in at the part level. Can't edit/add/etc.
    110166 62857 Tooltips in Chinese for Extension Attributes and Define Extended Attributes
    110172 62861 Internal application error for using wizards when selected edges.
    110197 62950 Mass and Moments of Inertia are wrong in 2017PU1SP1 (2018SP1 is correct)
    110201 62979 Internal App error when select multiple views after changing templates
    About IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS). Use the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite - a complete range of CAD programs designed around core 3D modeling software IRONCAD - to optimize your engineering team's design process, effortlessly move between 3D and 2D, and support seamless collaboration throughout your organization and beyond.

    About IronCAD, LLC. IronCAD was founded in March 2001 with the aim of developing user-focused 3D design software to improve productivity and help designers and engineers achieve success in their respective fields. Since then, we've created numerous 3D modeling tools that have forged new directions for engineering design software.

    Product: IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS)
    Version: 2018 PU1 Update
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Language: english
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
    Software Prerequisites: *
    Size: 582.0 mb

    * This installation can only install on the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2018 and 2018 Service Pack #1 and will update all products included with the Design Collaboration Suite (IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE).


    Code: PU1 Update.rar

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