Everspace (2017) by qoob [MULTI PC]

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    Everspace [v + 1 DLC] (2017) PC | RePack by qoob| 3.02 GB
    Year : 2017
    Genre : Adventure,Action (Shooter), 3D , 1st Person, 3rd Person
    Developer : ROCKFISH Games
    Publisher : ROCKFISH Games
    Platform : PC
    Publication Type : Repack
    Game Version :
    Language : English, MULTi
    Medicine : Present {CODEX} ​

    Description :
    Everspace is a single-player space shooter. Elements roguelike here are combined with modern graphics and a fascinating story. You will go on a dangerous journey through the changing, colorful and full of surprises of the universe. You will have to hone your skills, accumulate experience and learn to improvise in order to survive and unravel the mystery of your origin. You will meet interesting characters, each of which has something to tell about you. Each attempt will be fascinating, because you will constantly fall into completely different situations. Each part of the game will be remembered for a long time, each will present a lot of special, full sense of the moments. Know that despite flying skills, you will still perish. But do not worry! Death here is just the beginning of a big new adventure.

    Features :
    ▪ Feel the heat of battle in hot fights. Use a variety of weapons and devices
    ▪ Use the collected or extracted resources to repair ship systems or create equipment and modifications for the sake of obtaining such a necessary advantage. The choice is yours
    ▪ Collect the drawings of the items you are creating, go hunting for unusual weapons and equipment. You never know what will happen next time.
    ▪ Fly through procedurally generated levels with many dangers and a bunch of secret treasures. Go for a risk for the reward
    ▪ Try to squeeze the most out of the situation with what you have at your fingertips. Use any advantage and show sharpness in order to reverse the outcome of the fight, any error in which may be the last for you

    Features repack:
    ▪ Based on the DRM Free version from gog.com
    ▪ Game version -
    ▪ Installation ~ 2 min
    ▪ RePack from qoob The

    list of extensions:
    ▪ Everspace - Encounters

    System requirements :
    ☑OS: 32/64-bit Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
    ☑Processor: Intel CPU Core i3
    ☑ RAM : 4 GB RAM
    ☑ Graphics Card : Nvidia GTX 480 / AMD Radeon HD 5870
    ☑ Disk space : 10 GB





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