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    – added minimap for battles
    – added battle event information
    – added optional automatic price adjustment for companies (button next to product price in company menu)
    – added mouseover tooltips for campaign mode for further ingame descriptions (may be disabled in options menu -> tooltips on/off); French & Spanish version to follow in next version


    Fixed bugs:
    – removed retreat question at the beginning of second battle if retreated in the first one
    – decrack regiments (with 0 men) cannot be chosen and are now hidden on battle map
    – terrain information of single chosen unit in battle can now be turned off
    – fastmarch orders for whole brigades and divisions now work properly
    – fixed bug where defending garrison sometimes did not suffer from attacker’s artillery fire in sieges
    – fixed not selectable armies and forts in sieges (unfortunately works not for older savegames)

    – synchronized fatigue information in mouseover information: now a Full green bar goes down when moving and shows red color if fatigue is critical
    – enabled permanent windowed mode (1.101) – fixes some incompatibility issues with windows 10 resolutions and you can now alt+tab without loss of textures

    Update to version 1.099

    Game enhancements:
    – added more smoke animation to the battle
    – implemented first parts of new battle GUI part 2 (minimap and battle information comes with 1.100)

    Game balance:
    – improved pathfinding near coasts, should result in less stuck traders and fleets

    Fixed bugs:
    – fixed not coming to the siege menu if a city with upgraded fort is besieged
    – fixed preset ship constructions without orders at the beginning of a new scenario
    – fixed damaged buildings at the beginning of a new scenario
    – fixed occupied fleet storage by earlier loaded divisions when restarting game
    – fixed problems with embarking/debarking related to the transported fleet not finding accurate waypoints
    – fixed diplomatic technology transfers having no effect
    – unit sprites are now reduced when suffering losses
    – fixed crash at the beginning of second battle related to loss animations
    – fixed colonels could not be replaced on regimental level
    • Release Name: The.Seven.Years.War.1756-1763.Update.v1.101-BAT
    • Size: 8 MB
    Download: FSHARE
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