Ample Sound AGG II 2.5.5 + AGG Library

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    Ample Sound AGG II 2.5.5 + AGG Library


    Ample Sound AGG II 2.5.5 + AGG Library
    File Size : 8.93 GB

    Ample Guitar G II aim to bring the Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio.

    System Requirements:
    6 GB of free hard disk space.
    Windows Vista or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 2 GB RAM.
    Mac OS X 10.7 or higher(we also provide Ample Guitar I for Mac 10.6 users) , Intel-based Mac with 2 GB RAM.
    AU, VST, AAX or RTAS host application and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included.

    Size: 4.9 GB, 24bit 44.1khz
    Neck, Bridge(both pickup as an extension library) two Instrument libraries to fit different needs.
    DFD (Direct from disk)
    Rich Fingering Noise - more vivid and realistic.
    Each Cycle & Rhombic Sampling structure - Separate sample cycle for each note and velocity layer to improve sample utilization efficiency.
    Sustain, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Palm Mute, Pop, Natural Harmonic, Slide Guitar 10 articulations, Legato at random length & pitch & poly.

    Capo Logic - Intelligent play according to guitar rules.
    CPC (Customized Parameters Control) - any controller can be controlled by MIDI CC or Automation.
    Double Guitar - different samples at L & R channel.
    Poly Legato and Slide Smoother.
    Alternate Tuner.
    Capo - Transpose without need to modify midi.

    What News?
    Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.




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